EZ Electric Power Steering Upgrades

Control at your fingertips

If you would like to have more control of your classic car by being able to operate it at your fingertips, we offer the right equipment for your conversion to an electrically assisted power steering.

The genuine steering rack and equipment stays the same the steering support comes from a servo unit, which sits in the steering column. In most cases it can be installed without any or just minor modifications to your car. It is virtually invisible from inside and outside the car, even the peek under the bonnet does not reveal the source of easy steering.  The steering can also be reverted to originality at any time without compromising the value of the car.


The main parts are hidden under or in the dashboard and the steering support works completely without any noise. The force of the steering is dependent on the speed of the vehicle, so it will provide maximum support when the car Is very slow and minimize it as speed increased to maintain the genuine feeling of driving a classic.

We offer EZ Power Steering for following makes. As we are concentrated on Jaguar and other premiere British makes here these are listed before. Please contact us for an individual offer!

  • Jaguar E-Type S1 /S2
    Jaguar XK 120 
    Jaguar XK 140
    Jaguar XK 150
  • Jaguar MK 10 /420 G 
    Jaguar MK  1
    Jaguar MK 2 
    Jaguar S type 
    Jaguar 420 
  • Jaguar MK 4 
    Jaguar MK 5
    Jaguar MK 7
    Jaguar MK 8
    Jaguar MK 9
  • Daimler Dart SP250
    Daimler DB8 P
    Daimler V8-250 MK2
  • Aston Martin DB2
    Aston Martin DB2/4
    Aston Martin DB3 
    Aston Martin DB4 S/2/3/4
    Aston Martin DB4-5-6
    Aston Martin DBS
  • Bentley MK VI    Post War
    Bentley Pre War
  • Rolls Royce Phantom 1&2
    Rolls Royce Phantom 3
  • Ford Mustang  P
    Ford Mustang 2 /3
    Ford Mustang 3 (with ignition lock on column)
  • Ferrari 246 Dino
    Ferrari 250 GT
    Ferrari 250 Pininfarina 
    Ferrari 275 all
    Ferrari 308/328
    Ferrari 330 all
    Ferrari 348
    Ferrari 365 all
    Ferrari 52 BB
    Ferrari 52 TR 
    Ferrari Boano
    Ferrari Daytona
    Ferrari Mondial
    Ferrari Testarossa 
  • Porsche 356 A/B/C
    Porsche 911
    Porsche 924
    Porsche 944
    Porsche 964
  • MGA 
    MGB GT 
    MG TF
  • Toyota Celica 
    Toyota Landcruiser 58-72
    Toyota Landcruiser 72-81
    Toyota landcruiser FJ-55
  • Volvo 140/142/144/145
    Volvo 240/242/244/245
    Volvo Amazon 
    Volvo P1800/ P1800ES
    Volvo PV 444/445/544/duett 
    Volvo C303

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