Pay easily and securely in the XKStore

You can pay easily and securely in the XKStore. As a Payment Service Provider (PSP), our partner is UNZER, which means we can offer you secure and uncomplicated cashless payment processing for your purchase.

You can pay in the following ways:

MasterCard Visa

Credit Card

Verified by

Our shop accepts Master Card and Visa. You can enter your credit card details during the ordering process. Your credit card will only be charged once the order process has been completed. Neither we nor our PSP save your credit card details!

Our shop supports 3D secure payment on the Internet. Make sure you have the password with you. If you cannot complete your order, please contact us or use other payment options.



Instant Payment

Most German and Austrian banks support Sofortüberweisung. This payment method also takes place on our PSP's servers and we do not store your account details. The advantage of this payment method is that your order is immediately marked as paid and can be processed more quickly.



PayPal has established itself as a means of payment in online businesses. You can also conveniently place your order in the XKStore with PayPal. We process payments with PayPal quickly. However, if you want to transfer with PayPal, we point out that payment will only appear after 4-5 working days!

Note: PayPal is not available in all customer groups and countries. Because of the high expenses, PayPal is not accepted for discounts.

Advance bank transfer

It is also possible to pay for your order in advance by bank transfer. Please add your order number to your order. Should you not make a SEPA transfer, but transfer, for example, internationally, e.g. from a swiss account, we can incur very high expenses, which we may have to reimburse. In this case we ask you to transfer the money free of charge.

A transfer from third countries (not EU) can sometimes involve high expenses. For this reason, advance transfers can only be made from a certain basic amount. E.g. for a payment of € 100 from a Swiss account we have € 13 in expenses. Depending on the choice of payment method and your location, an additional fee may be charged.

Accounting and invoicing

We treat all payments as advance payments until the invoice is issued. The invoice is created in the course of delivery.

Deposit for loan tools and exchange parts with core sure charge

A deposit is required for loan tools and exchange parts if a core has not been sent previously. This will be refunded after the return. At Papal we ask you to send the deposit separately and to name it as a deposit, as well as a transfer.

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