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Genuine manufacturer parts and special order

This order contains one or more genuine manufacturer parts which are all special order items. These are items either built to order or special orders of genuine parts of Jaguar Land Rover or other car manufacturers, services or similar. Items subject to these terms are marked as such in the web shop. Such parts subject to this order can neither be cancelled nor is it possible to return these parts. Statutory rights are untouched. A recall is only possible in exceptional cases if the parts have not yet been ordered from the supplier. If you made a mistake in ordering, we recommend that you contact us immediately!

Small quantity surcharge

Original parts often only have very small margins. When ordering original parts under a total amount of € 60, it is unfortunately necessary to charge a small quantity surcharge of € 12 plus the applicable VAT. This is currently not done automatically in the shop. We will contact you after you have placed your order.

Delivery times

In many cases,genuine manufacturer parts shipped within 4-7 working days. Some original parts we keep in stock. In some cases, however, this can take considerably longer, which is beyond our influence. Information on delivery times, also by phone or email, are all estimates, a binding commitment cannot be derived!

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